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10 March, 2017
21st century manufacturing
The last Ditchley conference of 2016 was "21st century manufacturing, the jobs, workers and technology for a new era", hosted in partnership with the Canadian Ditchley Foundation. The major lesson
23 February, 2017
Drones, remote weapons and other robots
The summary of the discussions following the recent Ditchley conference “Drones, remote weapons and other robots: the military, commercial, legal and ethical implications” is now available. It was
10 February, 2017
ASEAN: the key to East Asia's future?
Much has happened since the conference in October and the geopolitical landscape – already in flux at that time – may well experience further upheaval in the months and years to come. One constant at
10 February, 2017
Will we still have a single global internet in 2025?
This was the second in a series of conferences on the Internet. It addressed the increasing threats to the ideal and the promise of a global Internet from the rise in cybercrime; security and law