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23 February, 2017
Drones, remote weapons and other robots
The summary of the discussions following the recent Ditchley conference “Drones, remote weapons and other robots: the military, commercial, legal and ethical implications” is now available. It was
10 February, 2017
ASEAN: the key to East Asia's future?
Much has happened since the conference in October and the geopolitical landscape – already in flux at that time – may well experience further upheaval in the months and years to come. One constant at
10 February, 2017
Will we still have a single global internet in 2025?
This was the second in a series of conferences on the Internet. It addressed the increasing threats to the ideal and the promise of a global Internet from the rise in cybercrime; security and law
31 October, 2016
A smart Brexit?
A little over three months after the UK voted to leave the EU, Ditchley hosted a conference exploring "The EU divorce and after: rebuilding Britain's relationships". Participants were encouraged to