Rio+20 and the green economy; how to make prosperity sustainable
Chair: Professor Lord Stern
In partnership with the UN Foundation *

19-21 January 2012


Philanthropy for the 21st Century
Chair:Mr Nicholas Ferguson

16-18 February 2012


Cultural Diplomacy: does it work?
Chair: Sir Vernon Ellis
In partnership with the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress *

8-10 March 2012

Income inequality and its impact on economic management and growth 
Chair: The Rt Hon. James Purnell

22-24 March 2012


Multiculturalism and religion in foreign policy
Chair: Mr Kamalesh Sharma

19-21 April 2012


Can international intervention work?
Chair: The Rt Hon. Lord Malloch-Brown KCMG

24-26 May 2012


Putting science, government, business and innovation together  
Chair: Sir Keith O'Nions

28-30 June 2012


Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XLVIII
Changing Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World?
Delivered by H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu -Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs

14 July 2012 


Security and prosperity in East Asia
Chair: Ambassador Christopher R Hill

13-15 September 2012


A two-tier Europe and its consequences
Chair: Lord Jay of Ewelme GCMG

4-6 October 2012


Water: conserving our most precious natural resource
Chair: Ms Patricia Mulroy
In partnership with American Ditchley and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas *

26-28 October 2012 


Global power shifts: what do the new players want?
Chair: The Rt Hon. Jean Chrétien PC OM CC QC
Canadian Ditchley sponsored conference *

15-17 November 2012


How should drug control policy change?
Chair: Baroness Meacher of Spitalfields

6-8 December 2012

* The Ditchley Foundation actively seeks financial support from other organisations sympathetic to the Foundation’s aims and objectives.  Any such funding is accepted on the basis that the sponsor or funding institution gains no influence over the direction of the conference programme or individual conferences, though their support will be fully acknowledged in appropriate ways.