Past Programme 1975

Implications of increase in leisure time


January 1975


Problems arising from oil surpluses


February 1975


The meaning and effects of détente

Conference III


February 1975


Non-custodial measures for offenders

Conference I


March 1975


The consequences if Britain withdraws from the EEC


May 1975


The meaning and effect of détente

Conference IV


June 1975


Directions and limits of economic growth

Conference III

In association with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


June 1975


The political response to inflation in free democratic countries and its effects on international trade and investment


July 1975


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XIV

Politics and the environment

Delivered by Lord Ashby


18 July 1975


Cooperation between developing producing nations and industrialized consumer democracies: pricing and financial arrangements

Conference I


September 1975


Non-custodial measures for offenders

Conference II


October 1975


European-American-Japanese conference


November 1975


The changing relationship between Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the United States and Britain as part of Europe


December 1975