Past Programme 1997

Nations in transition to democracy:  the management of radical transformation


17-19 January 1997


What future for quality newspapers?


31 January-2 February 1997


Defence against ballistic missiles: options and implications


14-16 February 1997


Security and stability in the Middle East


28 February-2 March 1997


Extra-territorial application of national laws regulating business activities


21-23 March 1997


Russia and its neighbours


25-27 April 1997


Sub-Saharan Africa: how can the developed world help?

(a joint conference with SCIS)


9-11 May 1997


Social justice and the relief of poverty in the global economy: tensions between social priorities and market pressures


23-25 May 1997


After the US and UK elections:  impacts and prospects


20-22 June 1997


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXIV

The United Nations, regionalism and the future of international peace and security

Delivered by Ambassador William Richardson


July 1997


The implications, within and beyond Europe, of prospective monetary union


12-14 September 1997


The future development of the global financial system


3-5 October 1997


The future of intelligence in democracies:  scope, justification and control


17-19 October 1997


The prevention of youth crime:  schooling, neighbourhood and intervention


31 October-2 November 1997


Public trust in government


21-23 November 1997


Future patterns of military conflict

5-7 December 1997