On Reflection

Ditchley will be publishing a series of articles, interviews and collaborative pieces authored by individuals from within its network. These will be serious and thoughtful, and a mix of long and short reads, from individuals or combinations of individuals who have something interesting to say.

Some of the writing will be inspired by current events whilst other contributions will take a longer view, reflecting on the development or otherwise of ideas to emerge from discussions at Ditchley conferences and other events. We hope you will check back and find something to excite your interest.

The Twin Energy Crises - Climate Change and Russia
John M. Roberts
22 March 2022

Reflection on the Ditchley conference - Living with COVID-19: what are the implications for the world if a vaccine remains elusive?
Mathew Holehouse
12 January 2021

Further Reflections on "The New Economic Insecurity" Conference at Ditchley
Sarah Doyle
9 November 2020

A summer to review, renew and prepare for action
James Arroyo
27 October 2020

Work needed: human required
James Arroyo
06 October 2020

Some thoughts on the world post COVID-19 
George Robertson
10 June 2020

Reflections on a Ditchley conference "The New Economic Insecurity"
Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post economics columnist and Robinson Professor of Public Affairs at George Mason University. 
5 June 2020 

What kind of country should the UK aspire to be?
Peter Foster, Public Policy Editor of The Financial Times
1 June 2020

Ditchley Proust Questionnaire - Dawn Wright 
Chief Scientist, Environmental Systems Research Institute. 
27 May 2020                                                                                            

Ditchley Proust Questionnaire - Rajay Naik   
Chief Commercial Officer, Study Group.   
27 May 2020

Ditchley Proust Questionnaire - Sophie Hackford   
Co-founder, 1715 Labs        
27 May 2020                                                                             

Care, Connection and COVID-19
Professor Ito Peng, 
Canada Research Chair in Global Social Policy, University of Toronto.
15 May 2020

Union: A Democrat, A Republican, and a Search for Common Ground
A Conversation with Co-Authors Jordan Blashek and Christopher Haugh
4 May 2020

From Rupture to Realignment
Hannah Marazzi, Stakeholder Relations Officer, Cardus
4 May 2020

Train to the Future, Platform 19
James Arroyo, OBE, Director, The Ditchley Foundation
4 May 2020



The opinions expressed in these publications are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Ditchley Foundation or its staff or trustees.