Ditchley’s inaugural Winter Dialogue


Ditchley’s inaugural Winter Dialogue brought together Peter Thiel and Hermann Hauser to debate, in person, how technology can best strengthen and renew democratic societies, states and alliances in an era of global competition.

The Dialogue was devised to explore the three concurrent challenges facing democracies:

  • First, strategic geopolitical competition with China and state vandalism from Russia.
  • Second, deep polarisation of our societies and politics as they grapple with the combined impact of the technological revolution and globalisation.
  • Third, the serious and perhaps existential threats from climate change and the degradation of our environment, whilst in the short term we confront an energy and cost of living crisis and inflation. How do we accelerate innovation to address these challenges, whilst preserving our core values and the essentials of democracy?

Click here for a summary note of the discussion and the recording of the discussion.