Past Programme 1995

The Management of Large Cities in the Developed World
Chair: The Hon David Dinkins

20-22 January 1995


The Gulf: problems and prospects
Chair: The Lord Wright of Richmond GCMG

3-5 February 1995


Sustainable development: problems, progress and prospects
Chair: Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO

24-26 February 1995


The UN at fifty: identity, finance, working and public support
Chair: Ambassador Hisashi Owada

17-19 March 1995


Advances in human genetic science: issues for public policy
Chair: Professor James D Watson

7-9 April 1995


Germany five years after unification: external role, external perceptions
(a conference supported by Deutsche Bank)
Chair: Dr Richard von Weizsäcker

28-30 April 1995


The role, function and regulation of political parties
(a joint conference with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations)

11-13 May 1995


The advance of women to influence and leadership in developed societies

11-13 June 1995


Corruption in democratic societies - patterns, implications, remedies

30 June-2 July 1995


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXII
Inter-governmental co-operation and integration in the European Union
Delivered by Professor Guiliano Amato

July 1995


The shaping of Europe: progress and prospect

15-17 September 1995


Business, government and the environment

28 September-1 October 1995


China after Deng: policy implications

20-22 October 1995


Ageing populations in developed societies: political, social and economic implications

3-5 November 1995


South Africa:  internal development and external relations

17-19 November 1995


The ethos and ethics of public service

1-3 December 1995