Past Programme 1986

Restructuring problems of the western industrialized countries: can they be harmoniously managed?

January 1986


Northern Ireland

February 1986


Nationalism in more than politics: cement or corrosive?

March 1986


The emerging political and economic roles of the leading south American nations and the likely impact on the international scene

April 1986


How should planning and resource allocation be managed in the fields of science and technology?

April 1986


Divided Germany and the future of Europe

May 1986


East-west relations with the new men in Moscow

June 1986


Modern penal policy in the light of shifting public opinion

June 1986


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXIII
Japan's Role from the Global Perspective
Delivered by Ambassador Yoshio Okawara

11 July 1987


The defence of the West: the future of NATO in an era of emerging technologies and diverging interests.
Joint conference with the Southern Center for International Studies, Atlanta, GA.

September 1986


International problems of supply and demand in agriculture: feeding the people, preserving rural structures and farming communities and ensuring freedom of trade.

October 1986


Coping with ethnic pluralism in advanced western societies

October 1986


How should business managers be educated?

November 1986


Capital market developments and financial stability
A joint conference with the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago

December 1986