Past Programme 1989

Urban regeneration
Chair: The Rt Hon the Lord Rippon of Hexham, QC

27-29 January 1989


The global markets and the service industries: can GATT cope?
Chair: Mr Glen R Moreno

10-12 February 1989


The single market in western Europe: the approach to 1992 and the economic and political implications for partners outside the community
Chair: The Rt Hon Sir Michael Palliser GCMG

24-26 February 1989


Environmental damage and climatic change
Chair: Sir Hugh Rossi MP

17-19 March 1989


Western policies in response to reform and innovation in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Joint conference with the Southern Center for International Studies, Atlanta, Georgia
Chair: Sir Julian Bullard GCMG

14-16 April 1989


Policy choices for Israel
Chair: The Rt Hon Dr David Owen MP

5-7 May 1989


Latin America: problems and prospects
Chair: The Hon Thomas O Enders

19-21 May 1989


Political and economic reform in China
Chair: Sir Richard Evans KCMG KCVO

16-18 June 1989


The pace and complexity of developments in science: social, economic and environmental implications for policy-makers
Chair: Dr David Hamburg

14-16 July 1989


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXVI
The French Revolution and the Development of Western Democracy
Delivered by Mr François Furet

30 June 1989


Agriculture in the developed world: should industrial societies and to ensure the form of decent livelihood, and if so how? Subsidies, surpluses, famine and the environment. Implications for the Third World.
A conference hosted by the Canadian Ditchley Foundation in Ontario, Canada
Chair: Dr Sylvia Ostry

22-24 September 1989


Political and economic refugees: problems of migration, asylum and resettlement
Chair: Sir John Thomson GCMG

13-15 October 1989


Consensus and conflict: does international corporation depend on shared values and moral norms among nations, and can such norms exist?
Chair: The Rt Hon the Lord Quinton FBA

3-5 November 1989


Security at a lower level of armaments: conventional arms control issues confronting the North Atlantic Alliance
Due to the sensitive nature of the subject under discussion a Director’s Note was not prepared following this conference

November 1989


The German question: divided Germany’s dual relationship to the Soviet Union and to the West
Chair: Sir Oliver Wright GCMG GCVO DSC

1-3 December 1989