The future of policing in the digital age
Chair: Commissioner Cressida Dick

25-27 January 2018


How does aid need to transform to deliver the World we want and need?
Chair: Ms Gayle Smith

8-10 February 2018 


Turkey’s place in the West
Chair: The Rt Hon. Jack Straw

15-17 March 2018


The Ocean: an opportunity for a new level of international cooperation or a tragedy of the commons?
Chair: The Honourable Lawrence Cannon
In cooperation with the Canadian Ditchley Foundation

19-21 April 2018


The future of the EU and the euro, after Brexit
Chair: Dr Alexander Stubb

17-19 May 2018


The Internet: how do we make it safer without losing its vitality?
Chair: Dr Vinton Cerf

7-9  June 2018                                            


Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture LIV
Playing by the rules in a globalised world
Delivered by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

07 July 2018

The crisis of democracy in Europe and the United States: its causes and what the West must do to resolve it
Co-Chairs: Ambassador Emily Haber and Ambassador (Ret) Nicholas Burns
In cooperation with the American Ditchley Foundation - Conference in New York

14-16 September 2018


Modern family: what is it for, what are its prospects and what are the implications for societies and states?
Chair: The Baroness Deech DBE

4-6 October 2018


Modern deterrence: what does the combination of nuclear, BCW, cyber and AI mean for the evolution of western deterrence against state and non-state actors?
Chair: Sir Richard Mottram GCB

8-10 November 2018


China and the West: different values, the same global economy. How do we respond to challenges on the premise of mutual respect?
Co-Chairs: Dean Xiang Bing and Sir Andrew Cahn KCMG

6-8 December 2018