Nuclear energy: the future or the past?
Chair: Lady Judge CBE

28-30 January 2016

Europe and migration: how can the flows be managed?
The Rt Hon the Baroness Amos

18-20 February 2016

Change in the Middle East: new lines in the sand?
Chair: Mr Majid Jafar

17-19 March 2016

South Asia: peace, prosperity and regional cooperation
Chair: Mr Bill Emmott

21-23 April 2016

Growth and jobs in Europe: the way forward
Chair: The Rt Hon. the Lord Willetts

19-21 May 2016

Can the earth still sustain us? Biodiversity, resources and pollution
Chair: Dr Tony Juniper

16-18 June 2016

Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture LII
The Court and the World
Delivered by The Honorable Stephen Breyer

9 July 2016


James Arroyo OBE becomes Director of The Ditchley Foundation

September 2016


The US and Europe: renewing the Transatlantic Partnership
Co-Chairs: Professor Nicholas Burns and Ms Jami Miscik

16-18 September 2016


The EU divorce and after: rebuilding Britain's relationships
Chair: Mr Radoslaw Sikorski

06-08 October 2016


ASEAN: the key to East Asia's future?
Chair: The Lord Williams of Bagln Ph.D, M.Sc (Econ)

13-15 October 2016


Will we still have a single global Internet in 2025?
Chair: Mr John Higgins CBE

17-19 November 2016

21st century manufacturing: the jobs, workers and technology for a new era
Chair: Ms Linda Hasenfratz
In cooperation with The Canadian Ditchley Foundation

8-10 December 2016