Past Programme 2006

The G8 Initiative on African Development: how should Africa respond?

13-15 January 2006


Is non-proliferation policy heading for failure?

10-12 February 2006


The future of the aerospace industry.

10-12 March 2006


Brazil: truly global in its impact?

7-9 April 2006


Conflict prevention or economic development: which should come first?

19-21 May 2006


What conditions are necessary for artistic and cultural creativity?

9-11 June 2006


Ditchley Foundation Lecture XLII
Balancing Society and Market:  Public Policy and Growth for Africa
Delivered by the Honourable Trevor A Manuel MP, Minister of Finance, Republic of South Africa

7 July 2006


Adapting to geopolitical trends:  what priorities for the EU?

A mini-conference in Berlin, Germany

18 September 2006


Prospects for the Caucasus region

29 September-1 October 2006


Energy and the environment: the essential next steps

13-15 October 2006


The politics of identity and religion:  must cultures clash?

27-29 October 2006


US-European communication:  is the gap widening

13 November 2006


The international promotion of democracy
A conference in Washington DC in cooperation with the State Department

16-17 November 2006


Can terrorism be comprehensively eradicated?

8-10 December 2006