Past Programme 1984

1984: Human rights in the modern state

February 1984


Training policy: opportunities for initial and continuing training-what should be provided by whom?

February 1984


Cities in recession: the effects on urban reconstruction of economic crisis and rapid structural change

March 1984


Western defence: is existing strategy obsolescent?

April 1984


The challenge of Soviet maritime activity

April 1984


The means of settling international disputes peacefully in present times: insulation of disputes from the superpower rivalry

May 1984


Freedom and accountability of the media

June 1984


35 years since the Marshall plan and the Truman doctrine: the continuing U.S. commitment to the stability and defence of Europe, and the significance of this in the east/west relations

June 1984


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXI
Philosophy and Public Policy
Delivered by Dame Mary Warnock, DBE

20 July 1984


Problems of the poorest countries: how to achieve sustainable growth with adequate financial underpinning

July 1984


The Soviet Union and China and their Asian neighbours

September 1984


The Anglo-American alliance since 1945: the transformation of a wartime partnership
A joint conference with the Woodrow Wilson Center, held in Washington DC

September 1984


New problems in international relations arising from new technologies

October 1984


The institutions of the European Community: the evolution of their powers and inter-relationships

November 1984


How do democratic states cope with terrorism?

December 1984