Conference Resources: The Indo-Pacific


Ditchley Foundation conference:
The Indo-Pacific: how can we best promote strategic stability, economic growth and the rule of law in the region?
22 October 2021
(with arrival on 21 October and departure on 23 October for in-person participants)

Ditchley Rule:
Ditchley Foundation conferences are held under the Ditchley Rule: all contributions are unattributable and interventions are made in strict confidence. This also applies to conversations outside the formal sessions. Those present are free to draw afterwards on the substance of what has been said, but not, under any circumstances, to disclose who it was that said it. The principle will be scrupulously observed in the report that will be produced following the conference and posted on this website.

All those attending do so in their personal capacities, not as spokespeople for any country or organisation.

Following are links to your resources for this conference:

Terms of Reference
Participants Biographies (this list will be updated regularly to reflect new participants, as they confirm)
Contacting Your Fellow Participants
Zoom Guidance and House Rules (please read)

For in-person guests:
Travel Guidance
COVID-19: information for guests
Your stay at Ditchley: Checking In and Accommodation
How to find us

Attire at Ditchley conferences is informal ('business casual') throughout, except for dinner on Friday evening.

It is a Ditchley tradition that dress for the formal dinner on the second evening is Black Tie. However, this is not at all a requirement – please be assured that you will feel entirely comfortable in a business suit or another form of evening attire, whether modern or traditional. Our focus is on celebrating the positive power of ideas. It is worth noting that, although Sir David Wills, the founder of the Ditchley Foundation, instigated the tradition of Black Tie dinners, he never wore Black Tie himself! He wanted to ensure that no one would feel uncomfortable if they had not come with formal clothes. That captures the Ditchley spirit.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about this event.