Location Hire

The Mansion and grounds are available for film and television location hire, and also for specialist photography. 

The eighteenth century architecture and the abundance of original fittings makes Ditchley suitable for interior and exterior scenes for country houses, palaces, London clubs and Oxbridge colleges.

The elegant decor and furnishings also provide an attractive and private venue for documentary and current affairs interviewing.

Amongst the films that have used Ditchley are Black Beauty (as the home of Lord Wexmire) and Vanity Fair (as the home of Sir Pitt Crawley).  More recently Ditchley featured in interior and exterior scenes in The Young Victoria.

Television productions include the BBC's In the Footsteps of Churchill and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and Father Brown, and Downton Abbey for ITV.

Clients who have used Ditchley's grounds for advertising photography include Aston Martin and Volkswagen, while the house suits product (e.g. antique dealers and auctioneers) and fashion photography.

Ditchley featured prominently in Country Life Magazine in consecutive weekly editions in September 2016, and World of Interiors in October 2017.

For public visits and hire of the Mansion, and all commercial activities please contact Gareth Gwilt, House Operations Manager

Tel: +44 (0)1608 677346
Fax: +44 (0)1608 677399
Email: gareth@ditchley.com

Please note that Ditchley is not available for weddings or other social occasions.