Globally connected cities & their relationship to the nation state

January 17-19

(Chair: Ambassador Ivo Daalder)

The intersection of machine learning and genetic engineering: what should be our check list for society and state as we blast off?

February 7-9

(Chair: Mr James Arroyo OBE)

Modern Education: what is contemporary education for, whom should we be educating, and how is it best achieved?

March 14-16

(Chair: Professor Stephen Toope, OC)

Renewing democratic societies to face the future: what insights can we draw from the last two-and-a-half years of Ditchley conferences?

April 12-13

(Chair: The Rt Hon The Lord Hill of Oareford CBE)

The transatlantic community and global finance

April 26-28

(Co-chairs: Dr Lawrence H. Summers and The Rt Hon The Lord Hill of Oareford CBE)

The rise of populism: a crisis of democracy or noisy renewal?

May 16-18

(Chair: The Rt Hon David Davis MP)

Intervention in other states: do we still believe we can intervene for good?

June 13-15

(Chair: Professor The Hon. Gareth Evans, AC QC FASSA FAIIA)

The future of strategic stability: how must modern deterrence evolve as landmark treaties expire and new weapons technologies and doctrines are developed?

September 13-15

Food security in the 21st century: global prospects for resilient and sustainable food production systems

November 1-3

(Chair: Mr Michael McCain)

Japan, the West and China: Japan’s future and role in the world

November 21-23

(Chair: The Hon. Alexander Downer AC)

Trust: in leaders, experts and institutions. Where and why has it gone and what can we do to renew it?

December 5-7

(Co-Chairs: The Rt Hon The Lord Evans & The Hon Raaheela Ahmed)