The Ditchley Project

Given the scale of the challenges our societies now face – political, technological, environmental – we plan over the next ten years to expand radically Ditchley’s capability to connect people: face to face at Ditchley; through networks of discussions in cities across the world; and through technology; with the eventual aim of a full virtual reality Ditchley.

We depend on visionary supporters, organisations and companies while remaining bipartisan and independent of thought. 

Taking Ditchley to the next level and sustaining it for the future demands serious resources and that is why we are launching a major campaign to raise funds and broaden our community of support.

We hope that all Ditchley’s friends will contribute according to their resources, both now and through legacies and we look forward to welcoming new supporters to help us fulfil our mission.

We have a powerful offer to the world and one which is needed more than ever.


The Ditchley Foundation is a UK Registered Charity (no 309657).