Past Programme 1990

Africa: problems and prospects. What is required in terms of political management, development policies and relief aid?

January 1990


Process is of international decision-making in the economic field, including the roles of the IMF, the World Bank, the G7 and other relevant bodies

February 1990


The images and exercise of democratic political leadership
A joint conference in Austin, Texas, with the University of Texas at Austin

March 1990


Monetary union and the single market

March 1990


Problems of heterogeneous societies: patterns of autonomy

April 1990


The place of human rights and foreign policy and the strengthening of international accountability

May 1990


Obstacles to the translation of scientific and technological advances into industrial production and economic wealth

May 1990


The growing economic power and influence of east Asia: implications for governments

June 1990


Politics and the media
A joint conference with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations

June 1990


Elements of change in international relations: a foreign policy agenda for the ‘90s

June 1990


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXVII
Towards a New Concert of Europe
Delivered by Lord Carrington

13 July 1990


The economic, social, political and environmental implications of population growth in the developing world

September 1990


Foreign investment in developed economics: impact, acceptance and rejection
A joint conference with the World Affairs Council of Northern California

October 1990


Moving from a centralized command economy to a free market: problems and solutions – how can the West help?

November 1990


Democracy and accountability in the European Community

November 1990


European security arrangements: the alliances, CSCE, the EC, arms control and conflict resolution

December 1990