Past Programme 1992

The European Community:  implications of the Maastricht Treaty for relations with non-members


31 January-2 February 1992


Representative government: tensions between national policies and local interests.


28 February-1 March 1992


Health care systems: comparisons between various national systems.  What works best?  Costs.


13-15 March 1992


Religious fundamentalism and democracy in the West


27-29 March 1992


The governance and role of business corporations in a modern society.


24-26 April 1992


China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

A joint conference with the Southern Center for International Studies


8-10 May 1992


Central and Eastern Europe, with special reference to economic and political relations with the West


15-17 May 1992


Development aid to the developing world: philosophy and practice.  Conditionality.  The role of private investment.


29-31 May 1992


India:  the future


19-21 June 1992


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXIX

Europe in the ‘90s

Delivered by Dr Kurt Biedenkopf


10 July 1992


The states of the former Soviet Union


11-13 September 1992


Primary and Secondary Education


9-11 October 1992


The Phenomenon of Street Violence in modern industrial societies


23-25 October 1992


The US and the European Community


6-8 November 1992


The new face of the Middle East


4-6 December 1992