Our Programme

Ditchley’s impact comes primarily from the new thinking and new connections it generates amongst participants in our meetings, rather than by publishing reports. All events are by invitation only, to allow us to compose the right mix of people. Ditchley is where thoughtful leaders come to learn from each other and from emerging talent. Outcomes range from gradually shifting views, through specific policy recommendations, to concrete ideas for new business models, companies and projects.

We shape our programme by first deciding where we most need to have impact.  Ditchley stands at the crossroads of government, business and technology. This is where the challenges of globalisation are unfolding, but also where the solutions will be found from innovative combinations of regulation, capital and technology. The gold standard Ditchley conference will remain the backbone of our activities but we now hold a wide variety of events. Many of these are at Ditchley Park because it is an unparalleled place for conversation.  But the heart of Ditchley is people and purpose and not just a special place. We take that purpose to meetings in London, elsewhere in the United Kingdom, in the United States and to Canada and beyond. 

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