The world’s military system and international stability


February 1983


The avoidance of nuclear proliferation


February 1983


European and United States relations with Latin American countries


March 1983


The Atlantic partners: cooperation and diversity


March 1983


Has full employment gone forever?


April 1983


The American Ditchley Foundation Lecture I

Today's Challenges to Democracy

Delivered by Lord Home of the Hirsel


18 April 1983


Refugees: sharing the burdens


May 1983


The search for an Arab-Israeli settlement


May 1983


Higher education: problems of access and financing-examination of overseas policy


June 1983


Public opinion and defence: implications for the western alliance


June 1983


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XX

The Atlantic Alliance: Tasks for Tomorrow

Delivered by Hon Cyrus Vance


15 July 1983


Africa in the world economy


September 1983


The assertion of national identity in eastern Europe: variants of the path to socialism- where do they lead?


October 1983


World wood resources and the problem of deforestation


November 1983


Security and stability in the gulf and southwest Asia


December 1983