Past Programme 1977

Sir Philip Adams becomes Director of the Ditchley Foundation


January 1977


The size of industrial units


January 1977


Television and its effects on public behaviour


January 1977


U.S.-European relations with the countries of southern Africa


February 1977


Systems of electing representatives and the financing of political parties


February 1977


The regulation of technological advance: II - feeding the world


March 1977


Values and decision-making: the machinery of government and its effectiveness


April 1977


The development of the European Economic Community


May 1977


Federal/state relationships and devolution


May 1977


The regulation of technological advance: III - energy production


June 1977


Cocktail party in lieu of the Annual Lecture - the guest speaker


July 1977


Can cities survive? I - The roots of urban change


September 1977


The middle east


October 1977


The board of directors in industry


October 1977


Debt re-negotiation or remission


November 1977


Political aspects of defence expenditure


December 1977