Sir Philip Adams becomes Director of the Ditchley Foundation


January 1977


The size of industrial units


January 1977


Television and its effects on public behaviour


January 1977


U.S.-European relations with the countries of southern Africa


February 1977


Systems of electing representatives and the financing of political parties


February 1977


The regulation of technological advance: II - feeding the world


March 1977


Values and decision-making: the machinery of government and its effectiveness


April 1977


The development of the European Economic Community


May 1977


Federal/state relationships and devolution


May 1977


The regulation of technological advance: III - energy production


June 1977


Cocktail party in lieu of the Annual Lecture - the guest speaker


July 1977


Can cities survive? I - The roots of urban change


September 1977


The middle east


October 1977


The board of directors in industry


October 1977


Debt re-negotiation or remission


November 1977


Political aspects of defence expenditure


December 1977