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14 August, 2017
John Kerry delivers the 53rd Annual Lecture at Ditchley
On Saturday 8 July, The Hon. John F. Kerry delivered the 53rd Annual Lecture at Ditchley entitled, "In defense of globalism". He concluded with a call for hope and optimism in troubled times,
15 May, 2017
Which way is West and is West still best?
Ditchley recently hosted a conference which posed the question "Which way is West and is West still best?". Silicon Valley investor and Trump adviser, Peter Thiel, chaired a unique gathering of White
24 March, 2017
Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasan, chairs Ditchley conference
Participants attending the recent Ditchley conference "Investment in Africa: new frontier v. old insecurities", explored how African resilience and striking technological innovation might prove to be
10 March, 2017
21st century manufacturing
The last Ditchley conference of 2016 was "21st century manufacturing, the jobs, workers and technology for a new era", hosted in partnership with the Canadian Ditchley Foundation. The major lesson