Past Programme 2005


Challenges to global economic governance

14-16 January 2005



The role of intelligence in the policy making process (due to the nature of this conference, there is no Director's Note)

28-30 January 2005



The US election: prospects for the new Administration

25-27 February 2005



Iran's future path

11-13 March 2005



The role of women in the developing world

8-10 April 2005
World opinion and public diplomacy: how should policy makers influence and be influenced?
4-6 May 2005
The politics and problems of water
10-12 June 2005
Nuclear energy: time to move ahead
24-25 June 2005
The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XLI


Britain's role: Has Dean Acheson's question been answered yet?

Delivered by The Rt Hon The Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor of Oxford and Newcastle Universities

8 July 2005


The world's cities: can they take the strain?

16-18 September 2005


Freedom and security: an appropriate balance?

30 September - 2 October 2005


Iraq: the consequences for the region and for the wider international community

14-16 October 2005


Britain's constitutional future: can a United Kingdom survive?

28-30 October 2005


The challenges of governing in a freer and more complex world

2-4 December 2005