Past Programme 1988

Future of the Front Line states in Southern Africa


January 1988


Perestroika and glasnost: stocktaking towards the end of Mr Gorbachev’s third year


February 1988


Space exploration: scientific luxury, commercial enterprise or prudent investment in the technologies of the future? Who should pay?


March 1988


Higher education in an advanced society


April 1988


Managing exchange rates in the worldwide economy


May 1988


The next American presidency: foreign policy agenda and issues

Joint conference with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations held at Wingspread, Racine, Wisconsin


May 1988


International security without nuclear weapons?


June 1988


Existing international organisations: present realities and future needs


June 1988


Maintaining cultural and ethical values in a free market


June 1988


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXV

Paradise after the Fall: in Search of Contemporary Australia

Delivered by Dame Leonie Kramer


15 July 1988


The significance for the transatlantic relationship of the economic rise of East Asia

A joint conference with the world affairs council of northern California, held at the Bodega Bay Lodge, Bodega, California


September 1988


The oversight of, and the limits on, intelligence work in a democracy


October 1988


The European pillar of the north Atlantic alliance: a security dimension for the process of European integration?


October 1988


The art of political biography in the twentieth century


October 1988


Handling issues affecting public health: control, legislation, education, international action


November 1988




December 1988