Past Programme 1999

The role and running of museums

22-24 January 1999


Iran and Iraq: prospects and policies

(with the RAND Corporation)

5-7 February 1999


Non-violent sanctions in the international system

19-21 February 1999


The role of the family in public policy

(with Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales)

19-21 March 1999


The management of world water resources

9-11 April 1999


Understanding, managing and presenting risk in public policy

7-9 May 1999


Shaping US foreign policy today: national interest versus special interest

(with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations)

20-22 May 1999

The prospect for Russia

(with SCIS, Atlanta)

11-13 June 1999

The instruments of security in the 21st century

25-27 June 1999

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXVI

Who Needs Art?

Delivered by Sir Richard Eyre

July 1999

Turkey's future path

24-26 September 1999

School-age education: tasks, systems, performance

(with the Candian Ditchley Foundation)

1-3 October 1999

Managing global economic problems: public and private sector roles

15-17 October 1999

Fostering business enterprise: views on either side of the Atlantic

29-31 October 1999

Third-way concepts in contemporary politics

19-21 November 1999

The management and repercussions of nuclear power

3-5 December 1999