Past Programme 1999

The role and running of museums

22-24 January 1999


Iran and Iraq: prospects and policies
(with the RAND Corporation)

5-7 February 1999


Non-violent sanctions in the international system

19-21 February 1999


The role of the family in public policy
(with Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales)

19-21 March 1999


The management of world water resources

9-11 April 1999


Understanding, managing and presenting risk in public policy

7-9 May 1999


Shaping US foreign policy today: national interest versus special interest
(with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations)

20-22 May 1999

The prospect for Russia as an international partner
(with SCIS, Atlanta)

11-13 June 1999

The instruments of international security in the 21st century

25-27 June 1999

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXVI
Who Needs Art?
Delivered by Sir Richard Eyre

July 1999


Sir Nigel Broomfield becomes Director of The Ditchley Foundation

August 1999

Turkey's future path

24-26 September 1999

School age education: tasks, systems, performance
(with the Canadian Ditchley Foundation)

1-3 October 1999

Managing global economic problems: public and private sector roles

15-17 October 1999

Fostering business enterprise: views on either side of the Atlantic

29-31 October 1999

"Third Way" concepts in contemporary politics

19-21 November 1999

The management and repercussions of nuclear power

3-5 December 1999