Ditchley Conferences 2011

Small arms: is control possible?
13 - 15 January 2011
Democracy and the power of the individual
3 - 5 February 2011
The prospects for Mexico
3-5 March 2011
Fiscal policy and the imperative for growth
24-26 March 2011
In partnership with Canadian Ditchley *
Who holds the power in Europe?
7-9 April 2011
The impact of ageing on developed economies
12-14 May 2011
When and how will Africa take off?
9-11 June 2011
Annual Lecture XLVII
9 July 2011
9/11: The world ten years on 
15-17 September 2011
In partnership with American Ditchley *
Cyber Security; finding international responses
29 September - 1 October 2011
In partnership with The EastWest Institute *
The future of hydrocarbons as a global energy source
21-23 October 2011
In partnership with Canadian Ditchley *
The Central Asian republics and their international partners
3-5 November 2011
Change in the Middle East and North Africa
17-19 November 2011
In partnership with The Open Society Foundations *
* The Ditchley Foundation actively seeks financial support from other organisations sympathetic to the Foundation’s aims and objectives.  Any such funding is accepted on the basis that the sponsor or funding institution gains no influence over the direction of the conference programme or individual conferences, though their support will be fully acknowledged in appropriate ways.