Past Programme 1994

Russia's search for a post-communist identity


21-23 January 1994


Penal policy: punishments, prisons and crime prevention


11-13 February 1994


Substance abuse:  the need and scope for international as well as national strategies


25-27 February 1994


The nation state:  what pressures, from above or below, are modifying it, and in what forms can it survive?


25-27 March 1994


East Asia security, prosperity and political evolution

(a joint conference in Atlanta, Georgia, with the Southern Center for International Studies)


8-10 April 1994


Higher education


22-24 April 1994


Unemployment and industrial change in the developed countries


6-8 May 1994


The shaping of health-care systems II

(in association with the Health Education Authority and the University of Bath)


20-22 May 1994


The Group of Seven: role, legitimacy and working


17-19 June 1994


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXI

The Russia in Europe’s Future: Engagement, not Containment

Delivered by HE The Hon Thomas R Pickering


8 July 1994 International migration and population pressures 16-18 September 1994



Co-operation and security in the western Mediterranean

30 September-2 October 1994



Science, public purposes and wealth creation: roles for Government and business

21-23 October 1994



Protecting individual and minority rights:  options and implications

4-6 November 1994



The future of the North Atlantic Alliance

18-20 November 1994



The UN at fifty: its role in security

2-4 December 1994