Ditchley Conference on the Relevance of American Liberal Arts Colleges to British Higher Education


March 1963


Policies in and towards Latin America


March 1963


The British and American past, and the Atlantic future (in collaboration with the United States Information Service)


May 1963


Long-term conditions of employment


May 1963


Anti-trust legislation in the United States, Britain, and the European Economic Community (in collaboration with the British Institute of International and Comparative Law)


June 1963


Transatlantic images presented by mass media of communication


July 1963


Medical aid for developing countries


September 1963


The problem of the nuclear deterrent in the context of British-American relations


September 1963


Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture II

The Dimensions of the Atlantic Alliance

Delivered by General Lauris Norstad, USAF.  Supreme Commander, Allied Forces Europe, and Commander-in-Chief, United States European Command


18 October 1963 “Related Bodies” – Conference III
December 1963