Past Programme 1979

International economic institutions

January 1979


The western economies I : changing attitudes to the welfare state

January 1979


U.S. / E.E.C. relations with the Eastern Bloc

February 1979


One parent families
(In association with the Kettering foundation)

March 1979


The western economies II : taxation

April 1979


Can cities survive? IV - finance and land use for redevelopment

April 1979


The implications of SALT II for NATO and SALT III

June 1979


The international implications of the development of microelectronics

June 1979


The western economies III : the role of management

September 1979


American leadership of the western world

October 1979


Southern Africa

November 1979


The impact of regional and ethnic cultures on national affairs

November 1979


The conventional arms trade

December 1979