Past Programme 1993

Preserving the architectural heritage

22-24 January 1993


Latin America: stocktaking and prospect

5-7 February 1993


International disaster relief

19-21 February 1993


Western relations with the People's Republic of China

19-21 March 1993


Sustaining biodiversity: importance, implications and costs

2-4 April 1993


Fostering democracy world-wide: lessons from experience

23-25 April 1993


Turkey:  problems and prospects

7-9 May 1993


Human rights and external intervention

11-13 June 1993

Developments in West, Central and Eastern Europe
(a joint conference with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations)

25-27 June 1993


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXX
Cold War, Chill Peace
Delivered by Professor Sir Michael Howard

July 1993


Global competition and free trade, including NAFTA: experience and prospects

17-19 September 1993


Industrial productivity, competitiveness and growth:  what roles for government?
(conference in Canada, hosted by Canadian Ditchley)

1-3 October 1993

The shaping of health-care systems I
(in association with the Health Education Authority and the University of Bath)

15-17 October 1993


The future of nuclear weapons in world security structures

5-7 November 1993


The future of public service broadcasting

19-21 November 1993


European Union: current progress and future development

3-5 December 1993