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29 May, 2020
The Ditchley Proust questionnaire
As part of the new On Reflection programme of publishing interesting commentary or articles, particularly but not exclusively focussed on the impact of Covid-19, we are delighted to share the first
15 May, 2020
Valuing care and connection
Ditchley is delighted to publish a new article as part of the "On Reflection" initiative. Professor Ito Peng, Canada Research Chair in Global Social Policy at the University of Toronto writes on t he
06 May, 2020
On Reflection - a new initiative for Ditchley
As part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, Ditchley has begun publishing a series of articles, interviews and collaborative pieces authored by individuals from within its network under the
06 May, 2020
Ditchley goes virtual
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Ditchley's focus over recent weeks has been to determine how best to maintain consistency and coherence in the delivery of its mission, building a virtual