Past Programme 1987

Reconciling freedom of information with protection of the public interest in the modern democratic process


January 1987


Contradictions and conflicts between sovereignty and international stability: problems of intervention and management in the fragmented world


February 1987


The international economic and political implications of fluctuating oil prices


March 1987


Economic growth and the environment: conflict or opportunity?


March 1987


American views of the Soviet Union: how to handle East-West relations

A second joint conference with the Southern Center for International Studies, Atlanta GA, held in Atlanta


April 1987


The contemporary role of trade unions in the advanced industrialised countries


April 1987


A new generation, old institutions, and a middle-aged alliance: is there room for innovation in transatlantic relationships? A conference for the successor generation


May 1987


The Atlantic gap: national differences and the future of the alliance – options for action by the private sector


May 1987


How to identify public opinion in a modern pluralistic society: pressure groups, opinion polls and the ballot box

Joint conference with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations

June 1987

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXIV

English Anchor - American Sail: Two Centuries of the American Constitution

Delivered by Professor Benno Schmidt


17 July 1987


Military and economic power in international politics: is there a shift in their significance?


September 1987


The Gulf War, Lebanon, Palestine: a review of Middle East crises and prospects


September 1987


The political and economic problems facing governments as a result of population growth and population shifts


October 1987


End of century tasks: coping with high technology, industrial transformation and economic interdependence


November 1987


The future of nuclear power in energy policy


December 1987