Past Programme 1970

Responsibilities of mass communications media to society

January 1970


Welfare and incentives/ citizens and government
Conference VII for United States Senators and Congressmen

January 1970


The meaning of an “academic community”

February 1970


Citizens and government
Conference III for British parliamentarians and United States experts

March 1970


Sino-Soviet and Sino-Western relations

May 1970


Relations with Eastern Europe

May 1970


Police community relations

May 1970


Policies towards mergers, consolidations and big business generally

June 1970


Factors affecting economic growth and the implications in developing and developed countries

July 1970


The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture IX
The Evolving Commonwealth
Delivered by the Rt Hon Malcolm MacDonald

September 1970


Environmental control

November 1970


Changing responsibilities in peacekeeping and development in South-East Asia

December 1970


Coordination of international strategy for economic development and technical assistance

December 1970