Our Purpose

Ditchley addresses current challenges and aims to shape the future. We do this by connecting people and ideas. This enables new thinking, new connections and new scope for action. Positioned at the crossroads of government, business and technology, we work to renew and redefine how liberal democracies can lead and engage in an evolving world.

We are continually developing our capabilities and building partnerships with a range of organisations to achieve this.

The world was never simple but it has certainly never been more complex than it is today. Both the straightforward oppositions of the Cold War and the triumph of the West are now behind us. We have to find constructive ways to work with governments with which we disagree, in order to sustain the global economy and address global challenges, whilst maintaining our own values and strong defence.

Globalisation + technology: here is there

Also in the past is the firm separation of states and forms of government by territorial sovereignty.  We now live in a world connected by digital age technology but still separated by different ideologies, values and interests.  AI will further accelerate and deepen the connection of one place to another.  We need to redefine our approach to sovereignty, power and technology, in order to make the most of the new technology without losing our way as states and societies.

Government, business and technology

Technology has always shaped societies and international relations.  The difference now is the speed at which it moves.  The answers as well as the challenges lie at the crossroads of government, business and technology.  Governments alone cannot harness the innovation and finance we need.  Companies alone cannot develop a view in the round of what works for society and the state.  As well as dealing with current challenges, our programme aims to elicit a plan for the future that preserves the best of the past and the core values of liberal democracy. The goal is to develop a dynamic and open counterpart to the central planning for the future that is now underway in authoritarian states.

Our approach and ambitions

Our approach from the beginning has been to bring carefully selected groups of people together to discuss difficult issues, aiming to promote new thinking and to make new connections.  We combine established leaders with emerging talent in a field and we connect people across fields of expertise.  Our ambition is to get better and better at this task by leveraging the latest technology but we will retain our focus on face to face connections that develop deeper empathy and understanding between people.  We also want to get better and better at developing the ideas that emerge from Ditchley conversations into policy recommendations and projects, whether for the public or private sector. Ultimate outputs from Ditchley might be new law or regulations or equally a new company with positive impact.