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06 July, 2018
The Future of Policing in the Digital Age
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, the first woman to hold the role, chaired Ditchley’s conference in January 2018 on the future of policing in the digital age. The director’s note on the
06 July, 2018
The Future of the Internet
Vint Cerf, “father of the Internet”, chaired Ditchley’s June 2018 conference on the future of the Internet and how to make it safer without losing its vitality and centrality to modern life. The
15 November, 2017
Farewell and welcome
At the recent meeting of the Council of Management held earlier this month, Lord (George) Robertson stepped down as Chairman of Ditchley after eight years in the role. During this period, he supported
14 August, 2017
John Kerry delivers the 53rd Annual Lecture at Ditchley
On Saturday 8 July, The Hon. John F. Kerry delivered the 53rd Annual Lecture at Ditchley entitled, "In defense of globalism". He concluded with a call for hope and optimism in troubled times,