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20 January, 2021
House Operations Manager Vacancy
The Ditchley Foundation is recruiting for the post of House Operations Manager within the Bursary Team. The Bursary provides operational support for the Foundation, with particular focus on
12 January, 2021
Reflection on the Ditchley conference - Living with COVID-19:
Matthew Holehouse, conference rapporteur, reflects on the Living with Covid-19 conference held in October 2020. "A world permanently without a vaccine for coronavirus seemed quite possible when the
11 January, 2021
World Order: what can and should it mean today
A Ditchley conference in honour of Dr Henry Kissinger (December 2020) ‘World Order: what can and should it mean today?’ was a landmark conference for Ditchley, held in honour of Dr Henry Kissinger.
11 January, 2021
Ocean Data discussions
The changing tides of data globalisation and what this means for a sustainable ocean? (December 2020) What role do militaries have in sharing ocean-related data? (December 2020) In December 2020