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13 July, 2019
Ditchley Festival of Ideas 2019
Ditchley hosted the third annual Festival of Ideas on Saturday 13 July 2019, welcoming around 160 post-graduate students and early career professionals to Ditchley Park for a day of discussion,
06 July, 2019
The Ditchley Foundation 55th Annual Lecture
On Saturday 6 July 2019 Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, delivered the 55th Ditchley Annual Lecture on “The Future of Multilateralism: Lessons from Finance”. He spoke on a range of topics
20 June, 2019
Ditchley100: the Future of Technology
Ditchley100 held its third roundtable event at Ditchley Park on Thursday 20th June 2019. The event was attended by Ditchley100 members to discuss the future of technology, and to identify the critical
28 March, 2019
The Future of Financial Services
A Ditchley100 Roundtable Discussion A small group from the world of finance and technology met to discuss the future of financial services. The starting point for the conversation was the recognition