Past Programme

The past programme contains details of all Ditchley Conference activity since 1962. 

Where available, a Director's Note (a personal reflection on a conference), Annual Lecture transcript, or other material can be found by clicking the link in the title of the event.

While participants are often listed, in the spirit of the Chatham House Rule no comment is ever attributed to an individual.



Tips for searching:

All online reports have been keyworded to reflect the subjects discussed. 
For best results, try countries or regions (e.g. China or Middle East), topics (e.g. globalisation or defence), or the year the conference took place (e.g. 2005).  Searches cannot be made on the text nor on participants.
Search phrases must be four or more letters in length: e.g. use United Nations instead of UN, and can be combined e.g. China 2005 will list Notes with both keywords present).