10 January, 2020

Transforming Ocean Data Report

In October 2019, Ditchley, in partnership with REV Ocean, assembled a small but high level group of ocean researchers, businesses and technology and data specialists to explore how ocean data can be released and made available to drive new applications that not only help us understand the oceans but could also lead to new services and activities.

The quantity of data about the global ocean is growing exponentially but it is not being best used to inform policy or to drive private sector innovation fast enough. This conference tackled two main issues: the first is how ocean science and the data it produces can be more effectively shared; and the second, how vast amounts of private sector data could potentially be opened-up for use in policy and decision making and to drive wider innovation including in communication for global public understanding of ocean change.

The full report which includes commitments from those taking part on the next steps is now available to read here.