29 May, 2020

The Ditchley Proust questionnaire

As part of the new On Reflection programme of publishing interesting commentary or articles, particularly but not exclusively focussed on the impact of Covid-19, we are delighted to share the first three in a new series of profile's of individuals connected to Ditchley.

The idea is to offer ways in which members of the wider Ditchley community can find out more about each other both professionally and in relation to Ditchley. The profiles are in the style of a Proust questionnaire – responses to a mix of questions: some serious, others light-hearted, revealing something of the professional purpose and informal insight of those under the spotlight.

We are grateful to the first three subjects who, aside from participating in this new initiative, have contributed to the richness of Ditchley discussions in recent times. They are Sophie Hackford,  Co-founder of 1715 Labs; Rajay Naik, Chief Commercial Officer with the Study Group; and Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist with the Environmental Systems Research Institute.

Further profiles will follow and we hope you will check back for these and other new writings found in the On Reflection page.