06 May, 2020

Ditchley goes virtual

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Ditchley's focus over recent weeks has been to determine how best to maintain consistency and coherence in the delivery of its mission, building a virtual programme that preserves the core elements of the Ditchley approach to discussions and can lead the way to future conferences on the challenges the pandemic raises for democracies. 

The programme began in April with six sessions on topics such as The coronavirus impact on solitude and the nature of connection, The coronavirus impact on decentralisation of power and local agency and Evidence and individual agency in the coronavirus and a broadening view of talent" Click on the links above for summaries of each of the discussions whilst full details of the programme and further summaries available via links from the Virtual Programme.

Over the course of the coming weeks, outlines of the discussions planned for the months ahead will also be published with their focus building from the level of the individual, to communities, to systems and then to the wider world.  We will consult and involve partner organisations at every opportunity as well as ensuring these discussions are as transatlantic as possible from the beginning.