Climate Summit - Khaki Green: national security and opportunities for growth in the green transition


Recently, over the course of two days (24-25 April 2024), The Ditchley Foundation convened a group including leaders in the renewables sector, politicians, civil servants and academics to discuss the intersection of economic and national security with the green transition.

Participants assessed the viability of an industrial strategy for the UK, informed by learnings from the US in its ‘declimatised’ framing of climate policy. It looked too at these policies from a geoeconomic perspective, particularly considering the US’s growing strategic rivalry with China, and the UK’s opportunities for partnership as a result of this tension. 

Ultimately, the summit set out to examine what the trade-offs are that the UK should be willing to accept between economic prosperity and national security in an increasingly competitive green transition. 

A summary of the discussions that took place over the summit is available here.