New Transatlantic methods on talent and the impact on democracies in recovering from the crisis

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We are going to need all the talent we can find to recover from the crisis and to rebuild our economies. There is increasing discussion on new ways of defining talent, but there is often misunderstanding when determining how best to actually reach this talent as well as a general lack of urgency. In this session we will discuss what innovative methods currently exist for finding talent across populations and what new methods would be beneficial as we emerge from the pandemic.  We will ask what methods are currently state-of-the-art in sectors such as finance and technology, what is lacking in these methods and why? What have been the most innovative approaches used by community action groups to organise people and make use of their talents, gifts and skills? In what ways has this impacted the individuals involved in these talent processes? How can these efforts be continued in more normal times? How can organisations focused on renewing democracies best identify and encourage innovative approaches in engaging talent? How can we maintain the will to widen our understanding of talent and connect meaningfully with these individuals and groups over the coming months?

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