Lord Hunt of Tanworth GCB

Lord Hunt

Formerly: President, Local Government Association (1997-2001)Chairman: Banque Nationale de Paris plc, BNP UK Holdings Ltd (1992-1997); Chairman, European Policy Forum; Chairman, The Tablet Publishing Co Ltd  (1984-1999); Chairman, Inquiry into Cable Expansion and Broadcasting Policy  (1982); Chairman, Prudential Corporation plc (1985-90) (Deputy Chairman 1982-85); Director: IBM (UK) Ltd (1980-90); Advisory Director, Unilever plc (1980-90); Civil Servant (1946-1979), Secretary to the Cabinet (1973-79), Second Permanent Secretary,  Cabinet Office (1972-73), Deputy Secretary and First Civil Service Commissioner, Civil Service Department (1968-71), HM Treasury: Third Secretary (1971-72), Deputy Secretary (1968-71), Under-Secretary (1965-68), Assistant Secretary(1962-65); A Governor (1981-2012) and Chairman of the Council of Management (1983-91), The Ditchley Foundation.

Photo - © National Portrait Gallery, London