Jacek Sagatowski


Politics and Democracy Networks Lead (Europe)

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Jacek has spent the last few years of his life in the United Kingdom where he had moved for his studies. He holds a BA in Geography and an MPhil in European Politics, both from the University of Oxford. His research over those years focussed on Euroscepticism in Poland, both as a view held within parts of the population and as a political strategy embraced by conservative parties. Alongside this, his interest was also in the politics and government of China. He worked in the Polish parliament as a legislative assistant, supporting MPs and contributing to drafting bill proposals. Jacek interned at Ditchley in 2021, after which he was part of a team co-ordinating the alumni of the internship programme. He joined the Ditchley team full-time after graduating in 2023 as a Politics and Democracy Networks Lead (Europe). His work in this role centres around two regional areas – Central and Eastern Europe, and the Western Balkans. Jacek also continues to co-ordinate the internship alumni engagement.