Gift Aid

The Gift Aid donation must be made by an individual who is a UK tax payer:

  • not as a couple - you could however make one donation each to show your support, however you can only give Gift Aid consent if you each pay tax in the UK.
  • not on behalf of a group of people;
  • not as a result of a fund-raising event (collection, raffle, ball etc);
  • not by a company;
  • not if you are a participant in a sponsored event for which the charity has borne some or all of the cost, or if you are connected to the participant. A "'connected person” is a wife or husband, a relative (brother, sister, ancestor (e.g. mother) or lineal descendant (e.g. grandson), the wile or husband of a relative or a company under the control of the participant or connected person.

More information is available from HMRC: click here