Travel Guidance

Travel Guidance for Conference Participants

Please note:

  • The Foundation does not normally pay for air or rail fares, and cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred without prior consultation.
  • You are responsible for checking the visa requirements that might apply to you. You can do this here:


The Foundation provides a complimentary shared transfer between Heathrow Airport  and Ditchley Park on the first and last day of the conference.  

In order to arrive in time for the start of the conference and take advantage of a complimentary, shared transfer from the airport to Ditchley, you should arrange a flight to Heathrow arriving no later than 2pm on the first day of the conference.  

On the last day of the conference, complimentary, shared transfers will be provided to Heathrow departing Ditchley at 12.50pm and at 1.45pm. You should arrange a flight from Heathrow leaving no earlier than 4.30pm in order to allow for travel time from Ditchley to Heathrow, plus two hours for checking in (but please check your airline's requirements). 

Please plan to arrive in time for the opening session of the conference and stay until the end of the closing session. Those arriving late to the conference, or leaving early, and who will therefore need an individual transfer from/to the airport, will be asked to cover the cost (£160 each way). 

Meeting arrangements at Heathrow airport will be confirmed one week prior to the conference.

Participants may be asked to wait to allow us to combine their transfer to Ditchley with that of other passengers arriving on different flights. We plan to limit waiting time to 40 minutes; however, we are unable to predict flight delays or long lines in Customs and Immigration, which may increase your waiting time.

If you prefer to avoid any waiting time, Ditchley will be happy to arrange an individual transfer to Ditchley at a cost of £160. Individual transfers must be booked in advance through the Conference Coordinator.


Ditchley Park transport will meet all participants travelling on the 1.50pm train (schedule subject to change by the train operator; times will be re-confirmed with participants nearer the time of the conference)  from London Paddington station, arriving at Charlbury station (two miles from Ditchley) at 3.02pm. Once the train has left Oxford station, please pay particular attention to the stops, as there is not always an announcement when the train arrives at Charlbury, which is usually the second stop after Oxford.

Participants travelling by train from other cities in the UK, or who live near Oxford, can join this train at Oxford, departing at 2.42pm. 

If you plan to arrive by Eurostar at St Pancras station, please allow at least 50 minutes for transferring from St Pancras to Paddington station and for purchasing your onward ticket to Charlbury. Taxi is the most convenient mode of transport when travelling with luggage. It is also possible to take the Underground, using the direct Hammersmith Line service; however, if you have luggage, you should bear in mind that you will have an eight-minute walk at both ends of the journey.

Tickets may be purchased at Paddington station, or online from the operator’s website,, or from other online ticket vendors. No seat reservations are necessary for this journey. The Ditchley Foundation is not able to purchase tickets for participants in advance. If you plan to return to London by train after the conference, it is recommended that you purchase a roundtrip ticket in order to save time at Charlbury station after the conference. (Charlbury station has only one ticket vending machine: if there is a long line at the machine, you may purchase a ticket from the conductor in the train.)

Participants travelling from overseas who plan to pay for their train tickets in cash should bring sufficient currency to purchase their tickets as there are no currency exchange facilities at Ditchley. 

After the conference, transport to Charlbury station will be provided for those travelling by the 2.07pm train, arriving at London Paddington at 3.29pm.

Please remember to take your belongings from the train – retrieving lost luggage from the train operators is time consuming (“you should allow up to two weeks for processing lost items”) and incurs a fee.


If you would like to receive detailed directions for travelling by car to Ditchley, please contact the Conference Coordinator at Please note that during peak times, the journey from central London can take up to two hours. 

On arrival, please drive to the front door where you will be greeted and your luggage unloaded. You will then be shown where to park.

If you are making your own arrangements to be collected by car after the conference, please plan to leave Ditchley by 2pm. 

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