Climate change leadership and communities – can we use the current crisis to galvanise action on climate and should we?

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Parallels have been drawn between the national response to the pandemic and the action needed on climate change and what can be taken forward in the wake of the crisis. What are the right lessons from this crisis for climate change and other serious threats and how should the recovery be shaped accordingly at national and local level? What is necessary to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with a predictable path towards solutions with genuine political commitment and leadership on the topic of climate change?  To what extent should government support to industries, for example aviation, be dictated by climate action and to what extent by economic recovery? To what extent should be incentives for clean energy increase? Can we combine economic growth at previous levels with carbon reduction - should we be trying or not to get back to what the world was before the crisis? What kinds of communities can be developed to bring climate change action and urgency into the mainstream, ensuring that risk planning is taken seriously, now, by a much larger number of individuals?  To what extent can and should recovery from the current crisis be meshed with action on climate or should we be looking at other major threats in addition?

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