11 January, 2021

Ocean Data discussions

The changing tides of data globalisation and what this means for a sustainable ocean?  (December 2020)

What role do militaries have in sharing ocean-related data?  (December 2020)

In December 2020 Ditchley, together with The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Ocean, and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre held two on-line discussions on ocean data.

The first considered the role data sharing as a part of modern diplomacy and aimed to connect the worlds of diplomacy and ocean science in reviewing uses of ocean data as part of diplomacy.

The second discussion, with senior figures in national Navies, looked at the role militaries have in sharing their ocean-related data in the name of environmental protection, human security and in the context of rapid advances in technology in civilian and private sectors. The aim of this session was to highlight the role national militaries can have in sharing non-sensitive ocean data and to explore both the incentives and barriers to doing so.

These two events build on previous Ditchley discussions on the ocean including:

The Arctic at the cross-roads: co-operation or competition? (June 2017)

The Ocean: an opportunity for a new level of international cooperation or a tragedy of the commons? (April 2018)

Transforming ocean data (October 2019)

For more information about these events contact Liz Greenhalgh at liz@ditchley.com