Will Shao


Technology & Democracy Networks Lead

Born and raised in New York, Will spent time living in Asia and the United Kingdom before moving back to America for his undergraduate education. He currently holds a BA in Classics with minors in International Relations and Modern Languages from Stanford University, as well as an MSt in Classics from the University of Oxford. His research interests in recent years have focused on the intersection between Classics and technology policy, the latter being a topic he explored both during his time as a Ditchley intern in 2019 and in his subsequent position as a research assistant at the Stanford Cyber Policy Centre. Will re-joined the Ditchley team in 2022 in his current position as the Technology and Democracy Networks Lead. His work in this role centres around the impact and future of emerging and disruptive technologies, including semiconductors, generational models, and XR systems. Will is also interested in foreign policy more broadly, and currently serves as the co-head of the Oxford regional branch for the think tank Agora.