Tara FitzGerald


Communications Lead

Tara leads on communications and engagement both across the team and externally, working to share learnings from Ditchley discussions with the right people to raise our profile and so that they can make use of and act on these insights. She has previously worked as a journalist with Reuters, an editor on multiple publications, and a university professor in writing and journalism at The New School, based variously in the UK, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Mexico and the United States. 

She holds a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from Oxford University and an MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation from Columbia University in New York, and speaks varying degrees of Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian and Arabic. 

Tara spends more time than is strictly necessary listening to political podcasts, and enjoys learning new languages, travelling, knitting, and hiking with her Australian Cattle Dog. But she can usually only manage two of these activities simultaneously.